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Toshinori Shigematsu


Launched Shanghai and Taiwan branches of Yomiko Advertising Inc. and became the branch manager. Then joined a Sony-related XR company as a director, launched a virtual event PF in the VR space, and assumed his current position in January 2023.

Takumi Sano


Chief Producer, HAKUHODO Mirai Business Office. Engaged in Sei-katsu-sha research, new business development, new product development, and service design. Author of "DNVB: Brands Born from Sei-katsu-sha's Righteous Indignation.

Yasuhito Terauchi


After working for a digital specialist agency and a foreign advertising company, joined HAKUHODO in 2014. Experienced project management of DX-related work for many companies and participated in the launch of KEY3.

Sota Watanabe


CEO of Stake Technologies Pte Ltd and Founder of Astar Network, a public blockchain from Japan. Board member of Japan Blockchain Association and was selected for Forbes 30 Under30 Asia.

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